No Pads. No Cups. No Tampons.

Learn to control your bleeding. Clean, simple and natural!


Why have I
never heard of it?

Good question. Remember when you have received your period for the first time? Most likely, you had been offered two options: using pads or tampons. Your teacher provided you with basic info about your menstrual cycle and how to deal with your time of the month. But what happened since then? Not much, I would assume. There are many myths, misinformation and unquestioned beliefs about menstruation and the overall female cycle.

„Time to re-think unquestioned beliefs and routines that do not serve us any more.“


Natural Menstrual Management

Let’s have a look what this technique is not about:

  • No, it is not about bleeding freely all over your clothes.
  • No, you don’t need to have any special super-powers.
  • No, you don’t need to spend lots of effortful hours doing your pelvic floor muscle exercises.
  • No, you don’t need to go to the bathroom every single hour.

So, what is it then?

There are some synonyms for this technique: intuitive bleeding, instinctive bleeding, free bleeding, releasing technique,… In the end, the name is not important. Technically, Natural Menstrual Management means that you can train your uterus to react to a similar way to your bladder. In other words, you learn to control when to release your bleeding. You will be able to recognize your own body rhythm that tells you when your next „wave of menstrual blood“ is coming, so you can go to the bathroom and just release it. Clean, simple and natural!

No strings attached


Transition to a
product-free period

There are women who either acquired this technique naturally by themselves or learned it from others – like me. My name is Alisa, and I have learned this method from an Israeli doula and it literally changed my life. Now, my mission is to spread this jaw-dropping, yet simple technique across as many women as possible. I believe that any woman can learn this. If you want to take active control over your menstrual experience and transition to a product-free period then this is your chance to sign up for this life changing experience.

Here is what you get when you enroll:

  • Choose: physical workshop or virtual live webinar or individual session
  • Powerful knowledge about your menstrual cycle that helps you to take active control over your physical and emotional experience
  • Hands-on guide to facilitate the change towards a product-free menstruation
  • BONUS: Email Coaching Support after the workshop/webinar/session for a smoothed transition

More reasons needed?

Your Health

…Disposable pads and tampons are packed with harmful chemical like e.g. dioxin which is a by-product of the chlorine bleaching process and can lead to infertility, reproductive and development problems, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, immune system suppression and Endometriosis. Additionally, skin irritations or other forms of discomfort connected to the entering of an external object (e.g. tampons, cups) can arise.

Enhanced Well-being

…You will be spending approximately 3.500 days menstruating in your life. Wouldn’t it be awesome to transform your menstrual experience to a positive one? This will not only save you money but most importantly this will save you lots of unnecessary stress and unease.

Our Environment

…One woman may use approximately 11.000 to 17.000 tampons in her life. This is a lot of waste resulting from packing and other implications throughout the supply chain.

„100 years from now, we will look back in time and wonder how the heck we thought that sticking something in our vagina to stop the naturally body functioning was considered to be a good idea.”

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